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We print your scrapbook prints on Espon Surelab Traditional E-Surface Luster paper.

The finish for your digital scrapbooking prints is lustre.

It is a finish between Matte and Gloss, it has a medium sheen to it and is more resistant to fingerprints.
The Photographic paper we use gives outstanding sharpness, true colour reproduction, pure whites & neutral tone gradation.
It is extremely resistant to scratches, pressure marks and static & has excellent image stability – perfect for digital scrapbook printing.
Basically it’s exactly the same type of paper as if you get prints from any photographic lab, however we use the professional grade Espon Traditional E-Surface Luster paper.


FILE SIZES / Types & Workflow

Send your files saved in JPEG Format ONLY.

Ensure that the colour space is saved in RGB. (Can be either sRGB or AdobeRGB).

Ensure that your files are in a 1:1 ratio.
Feel free to compress your files at “good” quality.
You do not need to resize any of your files out of your scrapbooking program if you do not wish to.
You can export as 12″x12″ and use those files for either 8″x8″ or 12″x12″ photo prints.
Check your File Manager to ensure your JPEGs are compressed to under 10MB.
If they are re-export at high quality instead of extra high quality.
You will not see any degradation in your print until your file reaches below 200 dpi at the size print you need.
You can achieve beautiful looking prints from files of approximately 1-2MB in size.

Errors might occur with your Internet Provider in transmission due to sending too many large files in one hit.
If you have heaps of files, feel free to send your order through in small lots of say 50-100 – We will refund postage on multiple orders. Please indicate if you are sending a multiple order.



An 8″x8″ Print Order is $10 per order.

A 12″x12″ Print Order is $15 per order.

Please understand that sending scrapbooking pages are deemed to be a parcel which costs quite a lot more to send. Quite a lot of our orders cost in excess of $23 to send. (remote areas)



Please note: Our Scrapbook printing machine will crop 2-3% from the outer edge of the image through ‘bleeding’.
If you do not wish to lose any of the image, please specify ‘Borders’ on your scrapbook prints and this will print a 4mm white border (or other colour if you wish) or allow a 2-3% bleed and don’t have any text near the edges.

If you are unsure please email a file through to images@photoenlargements.com.au and we will make our comments on the way the file is set up.



Make sure your browser allows Java software to run.
Check the settings or download the latest version of Java.
You can get it here. www.java.com
You should be prompted as the java applet begins, click on run.
Feel free to tick the “Always Trust” box.
When starting the upload process, a dialog box will ask if it is ok to run the Java Uploading applet.
You will need to press Yes for this to work successfully.



Internet Data Transfer Rates – An approximate value only!

Download SpeedUpload SpeedMegabytes Per Hour



We charge all orders to your credit card manually.
You will be sent a receipt of the charges to your credit card. All prices are GST inclusive.



We will resend the order or credit you if your scrapbooking prints get damaged in the mail system or are lost in transit.
If we stuff it up – we pay for it!



We will NOT resend the order for free or NOT credit you if the order is incorrect in any way.
Not following the directions provided on this page will will result in not being credited.
If you stuff it up – you pay for it!



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